boom type 3 inch x 4 feet

Sorbex Absorbent

Product Description Sorbex Absorbents is made of biodegradable organic cellulose fiber. It only adsorbs oil and fuel from water surface and leaves water behind. With its high buoyancy and light weight, its oil adsorption capacity can reach minimum 30 times of its own weight. Application Sorbex Absorbents is a specific product developed to meet the [...]

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25kg biocaps

Sorbex Biocaps

Products Description Sorbex BioCaps is developing by using the technology of high surface area mineral fillers and organic Cellulose adsorbents. It uses the concept of “cellulose / filler attraction” or the force of adhesion between solid and liquid in cellulose / fillers. Sorbex BioCaps is a superior value product for commercial and household market. It [...]

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About Us

The challenge to replace petrochemical based products in all facets of industry has never been greater with the rising price of petroleum and the awareness of protecting the environment. The growing need to create biodegradable and environment friendly products and stringent regulations being enforce by the government around the world have affected large and small [...]

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